Academy of Integrated Martial Systems

The Academy of Integrated Martial Systems empowers practitioners to enhance themselves daily through a comprehensive, challenging, and innovative curriculum that fosters an active and balanced lifestyle.

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Our Martial Arts Philosophy

Martial arts is not something that you do. Martial arts is something that you become– it must be a lifestyle that comes to life through a process of training, which forces you (the martial artist) to evolve your thinking, imagination, and creativity. The techniques and progressions that you learn that make you into a martial artist do not change– they are forever still in the current of time. But you, the martial artist must constantly be moving, changing, and evolving yourself through the application of the progressions and techniques passed down through the ages so that you are continuously chasing the unattainable idea of perfection.

We are martial artists, practitioners, competitors, students, and more importantly educators. We help practitioners in the areas of Self-Defense, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Kali and other Filipino Martial Arts, South East Asian Martial Arts, Capoeira, Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing.



Bruce Lee’s own journey and understanding of the purpose of martial arts. Be like water or be adaptable to the situation or opponent you are facing at a particular time and place. Always be willing to change and accept what is useful while discarding what is useless.


Boxing, like martial arts, has many varied styles, ranging from the Philly shell used by the Mayweathers, to Mike Tyson’s Peek-a-boo style, to the Mexican boxing style that concentrates on deadly body strikes. AIMS believes that our students should not be constrained to learning only one method or concept of a specific boxing lineage. In our lessons, we cover all kinds of boxing. All levels welcome


Although kickboxing as it is practiced today mostly uses punches and kicks, it actually refers to a variety of combat and martial arts techniques, including the use of elbows, knees, shins, headbutts, and throws. Despite being essentially a stand-up fighting system, kickboxing does not prioritize striking over ground combat. The techniques vary depending on the type of kickboxing style: For example, Muay Thai, Dutch Style Kickboxing, Savate, American kickboxing, or full contact kickboxing. 


Filipino martial arts are traditional and modernized fighting systems developed in the Philippines depending on regionality. These systems such as Arnis, Eskrima, and Balintiwak use an array of weapons and empty hands in order to help the practitioner adapt to any environment and opponent. 


Self-defense is an art form and a legal right that every individual possesses. At the Academy of Integrated Martial Systems, we understand the significance of self-defense in preserving lives. It entails retaliating against force or violence with the same in order to safeguard oneself and others. Join us and embrace the power of self-defense at the Academy of Integrated Martial Systems.


This class primarily focuses on the traditional martial arts of Mainland Southeast Asia. Silat, Burmese boxing, and Krabi-Krabong. All of these systems include kickboxing, weaponry, throws, sweeps, and locking.  


Capoeira is a Brazilian martial arts form that incorporates dance, acrobatics, and music. It was devised by enslaved Africans in Angola and then modernized in Brazil. Capoeira is an old system recognized for its acrobatic and technical methods, but it also features lightning-fast headbutts, sweeps, throws, kicks, and punches. 


We require our muscles to maintain a level of flexibility and range of motion in our joints when we practice. Stretching keeps them strong, flexible, and healthy. If we don’t do this, the muscles shorten and tighten, which might make them weak and unable to fully expand when we want them to work. This class will help keep the muscles, joints, and ligaments active by stretching them in a fluid manner. 


This class teaches the fundamentals of throwing, sweeping, off-balancing, locking, and submitting from stand-up to ground using various systems such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, silat, judo, Dumog, and wrestling.


The Academy of Integrated Martial Systems is committed to fostering a culture and creating a community of practitioners who value martial arts philosophy, and the integration of these lessons into all aspects of daily life. AIMS challenges students to attain a healthy balance in life and a deeper understanding of themselves by promoting physical, mental, and spiritual awareness. Come along with us on this transformative journey of personal growth.


Basic Membership– $165 12 classes per month
Premium Membership $195- 16 classes per month
All Access Membership– $225 unlimited classes per month

Unlock your full potential, first month $150. Unlimited classes with an All Access Membership.

Non-Member Guests

Drop-in Class $30
Day Pass $50
2-Week Pass $150 unlimited classes
1-Month Pass $300 unlimited classes

1 on 1 Private lessons for personalized training available.

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  • 5-6 Kickboxing
  • 6-7 Jeet Kune Do
  • 7-8 Self-Defense & Awareness
  • 8-9 Throws, Falls, Rolls, Standup


  • 5-6 Filipino Martial Arts
  • 6-7 South-East Asian Martial Arts
  • 7-8 Boxing
  • 8-9 Capoeria


  • 5-6 Self-Defense & Awareness
  • 6-7 Filipino Martial Arts
  • 7-8 South-East Asian Martial Arts
  • 8-9 Jeet Kune Do


  • 10-10:45 Stretch & Flow
  • 11-12 Throws, Falls, Roll,  StandUp
  • 12-1 Boxing
  • 1-2 KickBoxing
  • 2-3 Capoeira

30 Broad Street New York City, 6th FL